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0.1.0 Feb 7, 2018

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Haque ("hack")

Haque is a Rust library for doing "unsafe hacks" with memory management!



The Man<T> type is a manually-managed pointer type. It lets you ergonomically create objects that live on the heap and pass around the reference to them fairly easily. It implements AsRef so it can be used anywhere that can. Basically the only time you should use this is if you really know what you're doing and Rust's lifetimes aren't on your side today.

Calling .clone() on it will do a proper clone of the underlying data, as if it was in a Box.

It does absolutely nothing to stop you from having multiple mutable (raw) references, so good luck with that, buddy.

Be sure to call .free() on it to make sure that you free the underlying heap space, as if you don't then it'll leak memory. And be sure that you don't try to access it after you've freed it because that's wrong. Also don't call free on it twice.


The Fob<T> type is a file-backed struct mapping. It's actually reasonably safe to use and isn't as much of a "hack" as the name of this library would lead you to believe.

It's actually should be mostly safe as long as T is Copy, which is an invariant I've enforced in the declaration.

It's also convenient for making shared mappings, since we pass in MAP_SHARED.