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Rust Box

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Rust Box This crate provides an odd set of tools for Rust programming:


The main rust-box crate just re-exports tools from smaller subcrates:

  • stream-ext An extension trait for Streams that provides a variety of convenient combinator functions.
  • queue-ext The extended feature of the queue can convert the pop() function of the queue to Stream and the push() function to Sender.
  • task-exec-queue A task execution queue. Can limit the number of concurrent tasks and execution order of the same type of tasks can be controlled.
  • event Event
  • std-ext Expand the function of the standard library to make it more convenient to use
  • mpsc MPSC channel based on queue-ext
  • dequemap Double-ended queue with Map feature


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

rust-box = "0.11"



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