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gw is a gdub clone written in Rust for fun. It finds the nearest gradle build file and executes it with the corresponding wrapper. Any arguments passed to gw are passed to the wrapper. If there is no gradle wrapper it tries to use gradle from $PATH. Works on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Call gw build anywhere in your gradle project and it will call ./gradlew build in the directory of the nearest gradle build file.

without gw with gw
./gradlew build gw build
../gradlew build gw build
../../gradlew build gw build
gradle build gw build
gradle -b ../build.gradle build gw build
gradle -b ../../build.gradle build gw build


  1. Install Rust's cargo
  2. cargo install gw
  3. Use gw in one of your gradle projects

or use a released binary:

  1. Download a release binary for your platform
  2. Rename it to gw or on windows gw.exe
  3. Put it on your $PATH
  4. Enjoy gw in your gradle projects


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