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Crate providing a convenient API to parse GStreamer logs

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gst-log-parser Build Status

Simple Rust library to parse GStreamer logs.

See the examples demonstrating how to use it.

Quick start

  • Install Rust if needed
  • cargo build --release
  • Parsing tools can be executed using cargo run --release --example and are also available in target/release/examples/


examples contains a few log parsers. They can be used as examples demonstrating how to use this crate but also should be useful when debugging specific issues.


This is a buffer flow analyzer consuming logs generated with GST_DEBUG="GST_TRACER:7" GST_TRACERS=stats. It can be used to:

  • detect decreasing pts/dts
  • detect gap (long period of time without buffers being produced by a pad)
  • plot the pts/dts of produced buffers over time


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