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0.7.0 Mar 6, 2021
0.6.0 May 1, 2020
0.5.0 Mar 17, 2020
0.4.1 Feb 15, 2020
0.3.1 Aug 8, 2018

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A growable, reusable box for Rust.

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This crate provides a custom Box type with matching API that also allows to reuse the same memory block to store different types with the minimal amount of allocations and is supposed to be used with a pool-based allocator (such as the one provided by this crate).


The implementation depends on some unstable features:

  1. allocator-api
  2. unsize
  3. coerce-unsized
  4. slice_ptr_get

Things can break randomly and the minimal supported version of rustc will be shifted accordingly. Right now it is rustc 1.52.0-nightly (caca2121f 2021-03-05).

No runtime deps