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Configuration for grin, a simple, private and scalable cryptocurrency implementation based on the Mimblewimble chain format

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5.2.0 Jan 25, 2024
5.1.2 Mar 17, 2022
5.1.0 May 10, 2021
0.4.0 Oct 25, 2018

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Grin is an in-progress implementation of the Mimblewimble protocol. Many characteristics are still undefined but the following constitutes a first set of choices:

  • Clean and minimal implementation, and aiming to stay as such.
  • Follows the Mimblewimble protocol, which provides hidden amounts and scaling advantages.
  • Cuckoo Cycle proof of work in two variants named Cuckaroo (ASIC-resistant) and Cuckatoo (ASIC-targeted).
  • Relatively fast block time: one minute.
  • Fixed block reward over time with a decreasing dilution.
  • Transaction fees are based on the number of Outputs created/destroyed and total transaction size.
  • Smooth curve for difficulty adjustments.

To learn more, read our introduction to Mimblewimble and Grin.


Grin is live with mainnet. Still, much is left to be done and contributions are welcome (see below). Check our mailing list archives for the latest status.


To get involved, read our contributing docs.

Find us:

Getting Started

To learn more about the technology, read our introduction.

To build and try out Grin, see the build docs.


Grin likes itself small and easy on the eyes. It wants to be inclusive and welcoming for all walks of life, without judgement. Grin is terribly ambitious, but not at the detriment of others, rather to further us all. It may have strong opinions to stay in line with its objectives, which doesn't mean disrespect of others' ideas.

We believe in pull requests, data and scientific research. We do not believe in unfounded beliefs.


Tom Elvis Jedusor for the first formulation of Mimblewimble.

Andrew Poelstra for his related work and improvements.

John Tromp for the Cuckoo Cycle proof of work.


Apache License v2.0.


Crate wrapping up the Grin binary and configuration file


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