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Wrapper library for rendering MP4 videos from 2D vectors

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0.3.0 Apr 21, 2023
0.2.0 Apr 5, 2023
0.1.1 Mar 10, 2023
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Gridvid is a Rust wrapper library for rendering MP4 videos from 2D vectors using a minimal interface.

The outer vector translates to the X-axis and the inner vectors translate to the Y-axis.

Basic Usage

    use gridvid::Encoder;

    // Create a 2D Vec of any element type, bool in this example
    let mut grid: Vec<Vec<bool>> = vec![vec![false; 10]; 10];

    // fn to map grid element reference to RGB tuple `(u8, u8, u8)`
    let convert = |&b: &bool| if b { (0, 0, 255) } else { (0, 0, 0) };

    // Initialize video encoder
    let mut video = Encoder::new("/tmp/output.mp4", Box::new(convert)).build()?;

    // Update the grid as desired, adding a new frame for each grid state
    for i in 0..grid.len() {
        grid[i][i] = true;

    // Write encoded video to output file

This example renders and exports the following:


Options Summary

use gridvid::{Encoder, Gridlines, Scaling};

let mut video = Encoder::new(filename, Box::new(convert))
    .fps(20)    // Set video frame rate to 20 fps

    // Video Frame Scaling options
    .scale(Scaling::Uniform(16))        // Upscale by a factor of 16
    .scale(Scaling::MaxSize(720, 480))  // Scale to 720x480, keeping aspect ratio
    .scale(Scaling::Stretch(720, 480))  // Stretch to 720x480, ignoring aspect ratio

    // Gridline options
    .gridlines(Gridlines::Show((255,255,255)))  // Set gridline color to white
    .gridlines(Gridlines::Hide)                 // Hide gridlines

Encoder Defaults:

  • Video frame rate is 4 fps
  • Black gridlines: Gridlines(0,0,0)
  • Video is scaled to 720x720: MaxSize(720, 720)



Sample output from examples/game_of_life.rs


Licensed under the MIT license as of version 0.2.0.


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