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Similar to git-cz, gcr will help you to provide a better Git experience

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1.3.1 Jun 9, 2022
1.2.1 Apr 24, 2021
1.1.0 Mar 8, 2021
0.9.2 Nov 30, 2020

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Compact specification git commit tool, written in Rust, it has a variety of practical small functions.

Similar to git-cz, GRC will help you to provide a better git commit experience.


You can install grc in the following ways:

From crates.io

grc has very few dependencies, and you can build it very quickly and easily!

Please Run:

cargo install grc

Release Package

Go to RELEASE, download one you like.

From Source

Please Run:

cargo install --git https://github.com/sdttttt/gcr.git


after the tools install, run command in your repository:


GRC can also automatically help you add files to the index.

//Add all files
grc -a .

// Add specified file
grc -a <filename>...

GRC config file

TIP: This feature is supported above version 0.9.0

You can append custom commit types in the grc.toml configuration file at repo root directory: Starting with 0.9.1, grc using ~/.config/grc/grc.toml as the default configuration file.

# A colon separates the type from the description of the type.
type = [
    "type: this is new commit type."

# Starting with **1.0.0**, grc can enhance your submission with the `--emoji` command line argument.
emoji = true

# You can also use `overwrite_emoji` to enhance custom submission types or override basic submission types in GRC.
overwrite_emoji = [
    "deps:🚕", # Appends an emoji to a custom submission type
    "test:🚗"  # Test is a GRC built-in submission type that you can override.

# [Beta] Starting with **1.2.0**, Added two new options to the configuration file, `pre` and `after`, which are similar to githook. Here you can enter the actions of the commands before and after COMMIT.
pre = [
"cargo test"

after = [
"echo Ok!"


plug are a new feature added in 1.1.0. Details of the plug-in and usage can be found here.


If you have any new ideas, you are welcome to talk to me.

GRC repo is used GRC to commit!


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