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A general purpose, extensible Graph Theory data type and algorithm library for Rust

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A general purpose, extensible Graph Theory data type and algorithm library for Rust.

This project is still in early design and development stage and is still changing a lot. A good public API is not the focus of the project yet, documentation may be scarce, and bugs may be rampant.


extern crate graphene;
use graphene::core::*;
use graphene::core::constraint::*;
use graphene::common::AdjListGraph;
	// Name of the resulting graph type
	struct MyGraph<V,W>
	// The BaseGraph implementation to base the new graph on.
	as AdjListGraph<V,W>
	// The graph wrappers that will constrain the BaseGraph implementation so that
	// it upholds the constraint traits.
	use UniqueGraph,UndirectedGraph
	// The constraint traits the new graph implements
	impl Unique,Undirected
	// The generic bounds
	where V: Vertex, W: Weight

fn main(){
    let mut g = MyGraph::graph(vec![1,2,3], vec![(1,2,1),(2,3,2),(3,1,3)]).unwrap();
	assert_eq!(g.edges_between(1,2).len(), 2);

	// Cannot add an edge that is already there because the graph
	// is declared as Unique, meaning no two edges may be incident
	// on the same vertices and have the weight.
	assert_eq!(g.edges_between(1,2).len(), 2);


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