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The goal of this app is to provide hour and minute repeater on your PC in the same way that is found in such watches as Casio Vacheron Constantin and Patek Phillippe

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Grande Sonnerie

The goal of this app is to provide hour and minute repeater on your PC in the same way that is found in such watches as Casio (everyone knows their hourly beep-beep), Vacheron Constantin and Patek Phillippe.


$ cargo install grande-sonnerie



Upon first launch two default config files will be created in ~/.config/grande-sonnerie: config.toml and casio.toml, as well as a directory with default coucou movement.


  • offset is responsible for setting timezone
  • sonnerie will load sounds from the directory of the same name
  • movement will load configuration of the same name for setting chimes


  • grand is a list of integers on which grand will chime
  • hours is a list of integers that defines hours on which they will be repeated
  • hours_div is an integer which allows equally splitiing hours to chime. hours_div: 3 will make hours chime every third hour
  • minutes similar to hours
  • minutes_div similar to hours_div, but splits hour into equal parts. minutes_div: 15 will make minutes chime every quarter-hour
  • twelve_hour 13th hour will chime one time instead of thirteen etc (recommended with multichime: true)
  • multichime will make sounds repeat according to hour/minute, see examples below




offset = [0, 0, 0]
sonnerie = 'coucou'
movement = 'casio'


grand: none
hours: none
hours_div: 1
minutes: none
minutes_div: none
twelve_hour: false
multichime: false

UTC timezone, chimes once every hour with coucou/hour.wav.

My personal config


offset = [3, 0, 0]
sonnerie = 'coucou'
movement = 'pp'


grand = [10, 18]
hours_div = 1
minutes_div = 15
twelve_hour = true
multichime = true

UTC+3, chimes:

  • coucou/grand.wav on 10:00 and 18:00 before everything else
  • coucou/hour.wav every hour, repeats according to the hours in 12h format
  • coucou/minute.wav every 15 minutes of an hour, repeats according to quarters of hour

So at 18:00 it will chime Grand, then Hour six times. At 18:45 it will just chime Minutes three times (45 is 3/4 of an hour).


Three sounds are expected: grand, hour, and minute. Currently only .wav is supported:

$ ffmpeg -i yoda-death-sound-effect.mp3 grand.wav

To do

  • Implement arrays of sounds to play consecutively (Westminster chimes)
  • Change CPU-eating sound implementation to something more sane
  • Actual repeater (press a button to hear time)


~499K SLoC