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Convenient sound library for small projects and educational purposes

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Rusty Audio (rusty_audio)

Rusty Audio is a very simple audio library created for other educational rusty_* projects that I use for courses I teach online, at conferences, or in-person. It uses the very powerful rodio audio playback library under the hood, which you should use directly if your needs are more complex.

Dependencies on Linux

This library should work out-of-the-box on macOS, Windows, iOS, and emscripten. For Linux, the downstream package for actually playing sound (CPAL requires the alsa development libraries to be installed.


sudo yum install -y alsa-lib-devel


sudo apt install libasound2-dev


rusty_audio is a convenient sound library for small projects and educational purposes. For more elaborate needs, please use rodio, which is the much more powerful audio library that this one uses.


use rusty_audio::Audio;
let mut audio = Audio::new();
audio.add("startup", "audio_subsystem_initialized.mp3");
audio.play("startup"); // Execution continues while playback occurs in another thread.
audio.wait(); // Block until no sounds are playing


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