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A tool to use chat-GPT from the comfort of your terminal

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This is a simple tool for accessing chat-GPT directly from the comfort of your terminal.

The first time you run the application it will guide you on how to add an API key from chat-GPT.

There are two dead simple ways to use it:

Single prompt mode

Single prompt mode is perfect for quick questions that needs answering:

gpterm "What is a 25 celsius in kelvin?"


Conversation mode

Conversation mode works like the standard web ui for chat-GPT, where you start a back and forth conversation with the AI:

gpterm -c




Currently the only way to install it is by installing with Cargo or building from source. I am hoping to soon add it to package managers.

Homebrew Tap (MacOS)

brew tap frikksol/frikksol
brew install gpterm

From Cargo

cargo install gpterm

Building from source

cd <wherever>
git clone git@github.com:frikksol/gpterm.git
cd gpterm
cargo run -- "What is 25 Celsius in Kelvin"


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