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A Rust library for decoding and sharing Minecraft data types

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0.17.1 Aug 29, 2022
0.16.0 Sep 21, 2021
0.9.0 Jul 24, 2021

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golden_apple is a library for decoding, encoding, and using common types found in Minecraft: Java Edition.


  • Provide a generalized format for sharing and using Minecraft's data types
  • Simplify the decoding and encoding of network data


Proprietary Minecraft types like VarInt, VarLong, and Position are a part of the top level crate. NBT is dealt with in the nbt module. Types that can be fully represented in Rust have encoders/decoders under golden_apple::generalized, in case it isn't striaghtforward to do so.


This crate is unfinished and some features aren't yet present. Here's an overview of what is and isn't done:

  • Standard Java Types
  • String
  • Chat
  • Identifier
  • VarInt
  • VarLong
  • Metadata
  • Slot
  • NBT
  • Position
  • Angle
  • UUID
  • Enums
    Partial Support

Version Support

Crate version Minecraft version Minecraft Protocol ID
0.17 - 0.17.1 1.19.2 762


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