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GODcoin is the official currency of Christ. A single token is backed by one physical gram of gold. Blockchain technology is used to provide an immutable and cryptographically verified ledger. The system is centralized allowing for global scalability that would otherwise be foregone in a decentralized system.

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GODcoin's core library and blockchain implementation.

The library API provides:

  • Building transactions
  • Building network messages
  • Creating scripts and converting them to P2SH addresses used for receiving
  • Generating keys and optionally converting them to a default P2SH address
  • Backend storage for blocks and indexing
  • Validating blocks and transactions

This library does not provide a network client implementation remaining agnostic to any networking library.

Build Status

Supported Rust Versions

GODcoin is built against the latest stable version of the compiler. Any previous versions are not guaranteed to compile.


When bugs are fixed, regression tests should be added. New features likewise should have corresponding tests added to ensure correct behavior.

Run the test suite:

$ cargo test

The crate should build and tests should pass.


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