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7.0.0 Dec 9, 2019
0.18.1 Jan 29, 2023
0.18.0 Nov 19, 2022
0.18.0-beta Dec 22, 2021
0.1.9 Dec 24, 2018

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Library to play with a rusty "Goban" (name of the board where we play Go !)

Use the version > 0.5.0 because in a bug detecting dead stones and in Ko detection

Channel : stable

Only contains move generation, and rules there is no IA, neither front-end.


  • history // each game will have his all history so you can iterate over it. Decrease perfs !

Thanks to some help in profiling and optimisation we can run a playout randomly of an entire game in 3 ms (i7u 3.0 Ghz) (before it was 600ms ) !


Get legals moves and plays some random.

The most important struct is Game who has all you need to create and manages go games.

use crate::goban::rules::*;
use crate::goban::rules::game::*;
use rand::seq::IteratorRandom;
use goban::rules::game_builder::GameBuilder;

let mut g = Game::builder()
//  .komi(7.5)  Komi is hardcoded for each rule, but can be override like this.

let mut i = 35;
while !g.is_over() && i != 0 {
         // legals return an iterator of (x,y) points (lazy)
               .choose(&mut rand::thread_rng())
               .map(|point| Move::Play(point.0,point.1))
       i -= 1;
       // None if the game is not finished
       println!("{:?}", g.outcome());
       // Inner array using row policy
       println!("{:?}", g.goban().to_vec());

#[cfg(feature = "history")]
           let mut iter_history = g.history().iter();
           println!("{:?}", iter_history.next().unwrap());
           println!("{:?}", iter_history.next_back().unwrap())



What works

  • Capturing stones
  • Playing
  • Passing
  • Resigning
  • Implementation to count points
  • Printing a pretty unicode Board on the terminal !
  • SGF Import
  • Generate legals moves (Handling Ko detection, Suicide moves, Super ko)
  • Japanese Rules
  • Chinese Rules
  • Boards of different sizes (4x5 , 4x9) Limited to (19x19) (Due to Zobrist hashing) cas be easy increased in a fork.
  • Experimental dead stones detection with MCTS rollouts.

Waiting for

  • Const generics or maybe not (benchmark with a Goban with backed array is slightly faster)


~68K SLoC