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github-status is a CLI to check the status of GitHub

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1.1.0 Mar 10, 2023

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GitHub Status

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A simple Cli to check the status of GitHub


Clone and install the repositry

git clone git@github.com/sanders41/github-status
cd github-status
cargo install github-status

This will install to the ~/.cargo/bin directory


Checks the status of GitHub

Usage: github-status <COMMAND>

  active-maintenance          Gets a list of active maintenance
  all-incidents               Gets a list of all incidents
  all-scheduled-maintenances  Gets a list of the 50 most recent scheduled maintenances
  component                   Status of each component
  status                      Gets the current status
  summary                     Gets a summary for the current GitHub status
  unresolved-incidents        Gets a list of any unresolved incidents
  upcoming-maintenance        Gets a list of upcoming maintenance
  help                        Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


github-status summary



Contributions to this project are welcome. If you are interesting in contributing please see our contributing guide


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