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Git Mob (Rust Edition)

git_mob_rs is a rust version of Git Mob.

Please see their readme and blog for more information on why this type of tool exists.

This Rust version was made because I felt like learning some Rust and applying it to a tool I use everyday at work. Since I use this everyday at work, one thing I did not like about git-mob was its speed. IMO, it shouldn't take ~50-120ms to set a template, so I wanted it to be faster by using a native implementation.

This version is not a one to one implementation. See the differences for more details.

"Hey this rust version exists too!" I actually didn't search for a native version until I added this readme. I probably should have done that. Well, if you need a more feature complete version, use theirs!


Add/edit/delete co-author

$ git edit-coauthors

This will edit ~/.config/git-coauthors (on Linux) with your default text editor. Use the following json syntax to make the file.

  "coauthors": {
    "fl": {
      "name": "First Last",
      "email": "firstlast@example.com"

The commands listed here to add/edit/delete/print also work.

Mobbing co-author

$ git mob fl

Or multiple:

$ git mob fl ab cd ef

Reset mob, going back solo

$ git solo



brew install jplsek/tap/git-mob-rs


See the release page for binaries or build from source.


There is no installer, but there are executables that you can put somewhere. See the release page or build from source.


cargo install git_mob_rs


git clone https://github.com/jplsek/git-mob-rs && cd git-mob-rs
cargo install --path .


  • The XDG config directory is used by default (~/.config/git-coauthors) for the configuration, falling back to ~/.git-coauthors if it exists.
    • Setting the GITMOB_COAUTHORS_PATH environment variable will override this behavior.
  • Since I primarily use the CLI, I won't make editor plugins related to git-mob-rs.

If someone else feels like making some of these missing features, feel free to submit a PR!


Summary: Over 15x faster


+ hyperfine --warmup 3 -- git-solo target/release/git-solo
Benchmark #1: git-solo
Time (mean ± σ):      80.4 ms ±  22.6 ms    [User: 84.4 ms, System: 7.7 ms]
Range (min … max):    70.0 ms … 166.5 ms    40 runs

Benchmark #2: target/release/git-solo
Time (mean ± σ):       4.3 ms ±   0.1 ms    [User: 4.4 ms, System: 0.7 ms]
Range (min … max):     4.2 ms …   4.9 ms    497 runs

'target/release/git-solo' ran
18.52 ± 5.22 times faster than 'git-solo'


+ hyperfine --warmup 3 -- 'git-mob ts' 'target/release/git-mob ts'
Benchmark #1: git-mob ts
Time (mean ± σ):      88.5 ms ±  24.4 ms    [User: 93.0 ms, System: 8.8 ms]
Range (min … max):    80.1 ms … 223.4 ms    36 runs

Benchmark #2: target/release/git-mob ts
Time (mean ± σ):       4.4 ms ±   0.1 ms    [User: 4.4 ms, System: 0.7 ms]
Range (min … max):     4.3 ms …   5.0 ms    510 runs

'target/release/git-mob ts' ran
20.17 ± 5.59 times faster than 'git-mob ts'


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