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git-summary is a tool for checking the git status for an entire directory tree

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0.1.1 Nov 12, 2021
0.1.0 Oct 29, 2018

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Scan a directory recursively for git repos, and print the status of each.

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Why re-write?

I really liked this project, but I had quite a few repos in odd states (detached HEAD), and the bash script error handling left something to be desired. I also wanted to make tweaks to some of the behavior, and formatting.


Runs a "git status" like operation in an entire directory tree.
Status Legend:
 ? - Untracked files
 + - Uncommitted new files
 M - Modified files
 ^ - Your branch is ahead of upstream
 v - Your branch is behind of upstream
 X - Issue attempting to fetch from upstream
    git-summary [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [path]
    -v               Sets the level of verbosity (-v warn, -vv info, -vvv debug, -vvvv trace)
    -l, --list       Just print a list of all git repos
    -q, --quiet      Print nothing for repos that are up to date.
    -f, --fetch      Perform a 'git fetch' in each repo before checking for unpushed/unpulled commits.
        --hidden     Check for git repos in hidden directories
        --shallow    Only search the directory provided, do NOT recurse.
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information
        --parallel <parallel>    Max number of workers
    <path>    Path to folder containing git repos; if omitted, the current working directory is used


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