Cargo Features

geozero = { version = "0.13.0", default-features = false, features = ["with-csv", "with-gdal", "with-gdal-bindgen", "with-geo", "with-geojson", "with-geos", "with-gpkg", "with-gpx", "with-mvt", "with-postgis-diesel", "with-postgis-postgres", "with-postgis-sqlx", "with-svg", "with-tessellator", "with-wkb", "with-wkt"] }
default = with-geo, with-geojson, with-svg, with-wkt

These default features are set whenever geozero is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

with-csv = with-wkt

Enables csv

Affects geozero::csv

with-gdal with-gdal-bindgen?

Enables gdal and gdal-sys

Affects geozero::gdal

with-gdal-bindgen = with-gdal

Enables bindgen of optional gdal

with-geo default

Enables geo-types

Affects geozero::geo_types

with-geojson default

Enables geojson

Affects geozero::geojson


Enables geos ^8.3

Affects geozero::geos

with-gpkg = with-wkb

Enables sqlite of sqlx

Affects geozero::gpkg


Enables gpx ^0.9

Affects geozero::gpx


Enables dup-indexer ^0.3, prost ^0.11.9, and prost-build ^0.11.9

Affects geozero::mvt

with-postgis-diesel = with-wkb

Enables byteorder and diesel


Optional dependencies

Affects postgis::diesel

with-postgis-postgres = with-wkb

Enables bytes and postgres-types

with-postgis-sqlx = with-wkb

Enables postgres of sqlx

Affects postgis::sqlx

with-svg default

Affects geozero::svg


Enables lyon

Affects geozero::tessellator

with-wkb with-gpkg? with-postgis-diesel? with-postgis-postgres? with-postgis-sqlx? = with-wkt

Enables scroll ^0.11

Affects geozero::wkb

with-wkt default with-csv? with-wkb?

Enables wkt

Affects geozero::wkt