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CLI tool to bulk geocode CSV data using the Smarty API or libpostal

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1.3.0 Jun 29, 2022
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1.1.0 Feb 23, 2022
1.0.2 Dec 16, 2021
0.2.0 Nov 19, 2019

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geocode-csv: Geocode a CSV file using libpostal or the Smarty API

(This project is not associated with Smarty.)

WARNING: This project geocodes CSV files thousands of rows per second, which can use up your Smarty quota very quickly. This may cost you money.

If you have a CSV file that appears as follows:

Resident,1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,,Washington DC,20500

...and an address_spec.json file that appears as follows:

  "geocoded": {
    "street": ["street1", "street2"],
    "city": "city",
    "state": "state",
    "zipcode": "zip"

...then you can geocode it using:

# Set up credentials.
export SMARTY_AUTH_ID=...

# Geocode the CSV.
geocode-csv --spec address_spec.json < in.csv > out.csv

This will add a series of columns starting with geocoded_, which will contain various postal delivery information, plus estimated latitude and longitude. If geocoding succeeds, geocode-csv will return 0. If it fails, it will return a non-zero error code and print a human-readable error message to standard error.

You can geocode multiple addresses per row as follows:

  "geocoded_shipping": {
    /* ... */
  "geocoded_billing": {
    /* ... */

This will insert two sets of columns, one beginning with geocoded_shipping_ and the other with geocoded_billing_.

A note about Macs

We provide pre-built Mac binaries for Intel- and M1-based Macs. These binaries use "ad-hoc" signatures, so you may need to set appropriate security settings or run:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine geocode-csv


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