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gc_nes_web wraps the public functions exposed by my gc_nes_core crate for use in the browser through Web Assembly - Javascript interop. It provides an interface to load and run NES ROMs, provide input, and extract rendered image data. Audio is currently unsupported.

Install in an NPM Project

npm install gc_nes_web

Using the NES Emulator with Javascript

// Import the package
const wasm = await import ("gc_nes_web");
// Create the NES object
let nes = this.state.wasm.nes(romArrayOfBytes);
// Run the emulator to the completion of the next frame and retrieve it
let frame = nes.frame();
// Or run just one cycle and get the frame separately
let frame = nes.get_screen();
// Drawing to a Canvas
let offscreenCanvas = new OffscreenCanvas(256, 240);
let offscreenCanvasContext = offscreenCanvas.getContext("2d");
let imageData = offscreenCanvasContext?.createImageData(256, 240);
offscreenCanvasContext.putImageData(imageData, 0, 0);
// mainCanvasContext is the 2D context for the Canvas you actually want to draw to.
mainCanvasContext.drawImage(offscreenCanvas, 0, 0);

Through wasm-pack, gc_nes_web has full Typescript support

Try it Now

You can try out gc_nes_emulator on my website, at https://garettcooper.com/#/nes-emulator

Current version: 0.1.5


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