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Partial parser of .Gbx files as used in TrackMania Nations Forever. The format of these files is not publicly documented, so this parser is made by reverse-engineering examples.


Library to read the header of .Gbx files as used by TrackMania Nations Forever. Parsing them into an easy to use GBX datastructure.


  • Parse map data


Binary to dump information about a .Gbx file in a human readable format.

Example output:

GBX Info Dump (Size=10985B)
From file=examples/mtib-1-dirty-jumps.Challenge.Gbx
Header Infos
Map is Challenge/Race made in TMc6/2.11.16
UID: Zh7gt1dJfZbmCMhmqfnGC3EvBO3
Name: mtib-1-dirty-jumps
Author: mtibb
Setting: Stadium/Sunrise
Number of laps: 0
Price: 779
Times: Bronze: 46000, Silver: 37000, Gold: 33000, Authortime: 30630, Authorscore: 30630
Dependencies[0]: []

The command line flag -t allows exporting the thumbnail to jpg, note that the stored jpeg data is upside-down.


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