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High-level, (mostly) self-contained, minimalist HTTP toolkit (client-only). Suitable for use in constrainted environments where mio and tokio are not (yet) available.



gaunt.rs is a minimalist alternative to hyper suitable for use in environments where crates like mio and tokio aren't (yet) available, such as Intel SGX or #![no_std] environments.

It's presently in an early stage of development and not ready for general use, but has the following roadmap:

  • Lightweight, #![no_std]-friendly core.
  • std-based blocking socket I/O backend.
  • hyper-based backend to leverage mio/tokio when available.
  • Leverage http and httparse crates (hyper dependencies) as they are mature and well-tested.
  • Add server support in addition to client support.


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