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Support for launching Tokio runtimes within Abscissa applications

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abscissa_tokio: Tokio component for Abscissa

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Support for launching Tokio runtimes within Abscissa applications.



Where normally you'd use something like the tokio::main macro to launch the Tokio runtime, in Abscissa the framework is launched by calling abscissa_core::boot from your application's main().

This means Abscissa applications need a slightly different convention for starting the Tokio runtime, and ideally one which allows all application subcomponents to register themselves before the runtime is started.

This crate handles instantiating the Tokio runtime as an Abscissa Component, allowing other application components to express they have a Tokio dependency so Abscissa can inject the Tokio component as a dependency.

Once the application has booted and all subcomponents have been registered with the Tokio runtime, it allows (any of) your application's Runnable types to start the runtime without having to hold a lock on application state.

See documentation for usage instructions.


The abscissa_tokio crate is distributed under the terms of the Apache License (Version 2.0).

Copyright © 2020 iqlusion

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