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A dashboard for real-time data visualization.

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If you have a rust toolchain, just clone this project and from the root directory:

cargo install --path .


Create a gauges.toml file (see example) and launch gauges-server

Send data

In the examples directory you can find some examples of Rust clients:

  • canbus: read signals from CAN bus and send them to gauges-server
  • client: generate fake data and send them to gauges-server

You can easily send telemetry data to gauges-server, even without a Rust client.

You just need to open a TCP socket and send some json message with newline delimiter.

Example, from bash:

while sleep 1; do
  echo "{\"record\":{\"value\":{\"Float\":$( date +%S )}},\"id\":{\"Num\":1}}";
done | nc localhost 9999


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