Cargo Features

Garde has no features set by default.

garde = { version = "0.19.2", features = ["full", "serde", "derive", "url", "unicode", "credit-card", "phone-number", "email", "email-idna", "regex", "pattern", "js-sys"] }
full = credit-card, derive, email, email-idna, phone-number, regex, serde, unicode, url
serde full?

Enables serde, serde of compact_str, serde of smallvec

derive full?

Enables garde_derive

url full?

Enables url

Affects rules::url

unicode full?

Enables unicode-segmentation

Affects length::graphemes

credit-card full?

Enables card-validate

Affects rules::credit_card

phone-number full?

Enables phonenumber

Affects rules::phone_number

email full? = regex

Affects rules::email

email-idna full?

Enables idna

regex email? full? pattern?

Enables once_cell and regex, regex of optional garde_derive

Affects pattern::regex, pattern::regex_js_sys

pattern = regex

for backward compatibility with <0.14.0


Enables js-sys

Affects pattern::regex_js_sys