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Compiler Infrastructure for Hardware Accelerator Generation

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A Compiler Infrastructure for Accelerator Generators

Calyx is an intermediate language and infrastructure for building compilers that generate custom hardware accelerators.

See the Calyx website, language documentation and the documentation for the source code for more information. Calyx's design is based on our paper.



If you want to try out the compiler, install it using cargo:

cargo install futil

This will install the futil binary which includes the calyx frontend, optimization passes, and several backends.

Follow the getting started instructions.


This repository contains the source code for the following:

  1. calyx (calyx/): The intermediate representation used for hardware accelerator generation.
  2. futil (src/): The compiler infrastructure for compiling Calyx programs. If calyx is like LLVM, then futil is Clang.
  3. Calyx debugger (interp/): An interpreter and debugger for Calyx.
  4. fud, The Calyx driver: Utility tool that wraps various hardware toolchains.


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