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Run functional tests from a variety of formats

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Parallel Functional Testing framework, written in Rust

Why ?

ft provides an alternative to constantly rewriting the same functional test framework for every project you start. It is written in pure Rust, and allows parallel testing, as well as an important set of input/output formats.

How ?

Look at the syntax to get started with creating your own tests. Then, simply run ft on the files you created.


  • Parallel execution
  • Timeout
  • Assert on stdout
  • Assert on stderr
  • Assert on exit-code
  • Input from YAML
  • Input from JSON
  • Input from TOML
  • YAML output
  • JSON output
  • TOML output


If you have rust and its build system, cargo, installed, simply run:

> cargo install --git https://github.com/cohenarthur/ft

To install rust, first visit the getting started page

You can also download a release of ft from the release page. The binaries are compiled for x86_64 systems.


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