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Simple file server with SPA and proxy support. Works as a dev server for fronend apps for Seed, React, Vue etc

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fserv is file server with spa and proxy support and built with actix.

Crates.io License

License: MIT / APACHE


cargo install fserv

fserv should now be in your local cargo bin directory


fserv -p <port> -i <index_file> -d <directory> -f <path>=<target> -f <path>=<target>

For help

fserv --help


With the following folder structure

├── html_data/
│   └── index.html
└── build/
    ├── main.js
    └── style.css

Use the command

base_dir $ fserv -p 9000 -i html_data/index.html  -d build -f api=http://localhost:9010 -f ws=http://localhost:9020

This will start the server on port 9000 and server the files in build directory. Requests to /api and /ws will be proxied

Request Response
localhost:9000/ html_data/index.html file
localhost:9000/main.js build/main.js file
localhost:9000/style.css build/style.css file
localhost:9000/unknown.png html_data/index.html file since the file does not exist
localhost:9000/user/info html_file/index.html file
localhost:9000/api/list proxy the request to http://localhost:9010/api/list
localhost:9000/ws/updates proxy the request to http://localhost:9020/ws/updates


    fserv [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help
            Prints help information

    -n, --no-spa
            Disables spa mode. When spa mode is enabled an index.html (configured by -i flag) file is returned when a
            resourece is not found When spa mode is disabled a 404 error is returned when a resource is not found
    -V, --version
            Prints version information

    -d, --directory <directory>
            Directory to serve. Uses current directory by default [default: .]

    -i, --index-file <index-file>
            The file to server if when a resource is not found and spa mode is enabled [default: index.html]

    -p, --port <port>
            Sets the port [default: 8000]

    -f, --forward <proxies>...
            Optional path to forward as a key=value pair. Multiple entries can be added

    -w, --workers <workers>
            Sets the number of worker threads [default: 1]


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