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Pomodoro enforced, there's no way around

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A pomodoro timer daemon which locks your screen on breaks.

Who is this intendend for

  • Computer addicts (who want to get a break, but cant)
  • People who tend to ignore the beeps of the pomodoro timer
  • Computer addicts who want to get fit (see)


Install it with cargo (or do whatever you do to install rust programs):

  cargo install --locked forcedpomodoro

Create a custom profile and set it as default:

forcedpomodoro create-profile <yourprofilename>
forcedpomodoro default-profile <yourprofilename>

Enable autostart:

forcedpomodoro autostart enable
# Disable it using: forcedpomodoro autostart disable


You can set an audio file as an action in for the long and short pomodoro breaks. Replace action: None with action: PlaySound("/path/to/audio") for each break.

I set the audio for short breaks to the Bring Sally Up challenge, to remind me of doing some kind of exercise.




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