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Makes it possible to use Tokio with D-Bus, which is a bus commonly used on Linux for inter-process communication

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Tokio integration for D-Bus

This crate integrates the dbus crate with the tokio async framework.

See the examples for how to get started.

For server side functionality, you can use the dbus-crossroads crate to have async method and property handlers.


You are hereby invited to participate in the development of dbus-tokio and the other dbus crates:

  • If you have discovered what you believe is a bug, file an issue.
  • If you have questions or comments that the documentation cannot answer in an easy way, start a discussion.
  • If you have smaller improvements to code, documentation, examples etc, go ahead and submit a pull request. Larger pieces of work are better off discussed first.

The code is Apache 2.0 / MIT dual licensed. Any code submitted in Pull Requests, discussions or issues are assumed to have this license, unless explicitly stated otherwise.


Same as for the D-Bus crate: Libdbus 1.6 or higher, and latest stable release of Rust. If you run Ubuntu (any maintained version should be okay), this means having the libdbus-1-dev and pkg-config packages installed while building, and the libdbus-1-3 package installed while running.


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