Cargo Features

fluvio-future has no features set by default.

fluvio-future = { version = "0.6.2", features = ["task", "subscriber", "fixture", "task_unstable", "io", "sync", "future", "net", "tls", "rust_tls", "native2_tls", "openssl_tls", "timer", "fs", "zero_copy", "mmap", "retry", "doomsday", "http-client", "tokio1", "http-client-json", "futures-timer"] }
task doomsday? fixture? task_unstable? = cfg-if, timer

Enables async-std

Affects fluvio-future::task

subscriber fixture? = tracing-subscriber

Enables env-filter and std of tracing-subscriber

Affects fluvio-future::subscriber

fixture = fluvio-test-derive, subscriber, task
task_unstable mmap? zero_copy? = task

Enables unstable of async-std


Enables async-std

Affects fluvio-future::io

sync doomsday?

Enables async-std

Affects fluvio-future::sync


Enables async-std

Affects fluvio-future::future

net native2_tls? openssl_tls? rust_tls? = async-net, async-trait, cfg-if, futures-lite, socket2

Enables io of futures-util

Affects fluvio-future::net

tls = rust_tls
rust_tls http-client? tls? = async-rustls, net, pin-project, rustls-pemfile

Enables io of futures-util

Affects fluvio-future::rust_tls

native2_tls = async-native-tls, native-tls, net, pin-project

Enables io of futures-util, vendored of openssl

Affects fluvio-future::native_tls

openssl_tls = net, openssl, openssl-sys, pin-project

Enables io of futures-util

Affects fluvio-future::openssl

timer task? = async-io, futures-lite, pin-project

Affects fluvio-future::timer

fs mmap? = async-fs, async-trait, futures-lite, pin-utils

Affects fluvio-future::fs

zero_copy = nix, task_unstable

Affects fluvio-future::zero_copy

mmap = fs, memmap2, task_unstable

Affects fs::mmap


Affects fluvio-future::retry

doomsday = sync, task

Affects fluvio-future::doomsday

http-client http-client-json? = rust_tls

Enables async-std, bytes, http ^0.2.11, hyper ^0.14, once_cell, serde, serde_json, tokio, and webpki-roots ^0.25


same as hyper

Affects fluvio-future::http_client


Enables tokio1 of async-std

http-client-json = http-client

Affects request::ResponseExt.json

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

async-trait fs? net?
cfg-if net? task?
futures-lite fs? net? timer?

Enables futures-lite ^1.11.2

futures-util native2_tls? net? openssl_tls? rust_tls?
futures-timer implicit feature

Enables futures-timer


Timeouts for futures

pin-utils fs?
pin-project native2_tls? openssl_tls? rust_tls? timer?
tracing-subscriber subscriber?
fluvio-test-derive fixture?
async-std not wasm32 wasm32 future? http-client? io? sync? task? task_unstable? tokio1?
async-fs not wasm32 fs?

Enables async-fs ^1.3.0

async-io not wasm32 timer?

Enables async-io ^1.1.2

async-native-tls not wasm32 native2_tls?

Enables async-native-tls ^0.4.0

async-net not wasm32 net?

Enables async-net ^1.6.0

async-rustls not wasm32 rust_tls?
memmap2 not wasm32 mmap?

Enables memmap2 ^0.5

native-tls not wasm32 native2_tls?
nix not wasm32 zero_copy?

Enables nix ^0.26.0

openssl-sys not wasm32 openssl_tls?
rustls-pemfile not wasm32 rust_tls?

Enables rustls-pemfile ^1.0.0

socket2 not wasm32 net?
openssl not wasm32 native2_tls? openssl_tls?