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Command line tool for interacting with flows.network platform


You need to install WasmEdge runtime to run the wasm in your local environment.

curl -sSf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WasmEdge/WasmEdge/master/utils/install.sh | bash -s -- -v 0.11.2


You may need to install clang if your operating system is Linux.

How to install

flowsnet is published as a rust binary crate, so you can install it using cargo:

cargo install flowsnet

How to use

flowsnet requires three arguments:

-f, --flow <FLOW>  Flow identity in flows.network
-w, --wasm <WASM>  Wasm path in the local file system
-p, --port <PORT>  Port of the local service

You can find the flow identity in your flow detail on the flows.network platform.
The wasm path is the path of the wasm file, which is built from your rust function code.
flowsnet will start a server to receive requests from the flows.network platform, and the port is for the service to listen.


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