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Custom Derive for Flexible Locks

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Custom Derive for Flexible Locks

This crate provides custom derives for traits describing types that can be wrapped in Flexible Locks types.

For now, Flexible Locks only provides a Mutex type, so this crate provides a #[derive(MutexProtected)].

The #[mutex] attribute is used to indicate the data field containing the raw mutex type.


extern crate flexible_locks;
extern crate flexible_locks_derive;
use flexible_locks::{Mutex, RawMutex};

// Pick your choice of raw mutex;
use flexible_locks::CRITICAL_SECTION as RawOsMutex;
use flexible_locks::pthread_mutex_t as RawOsMutex;

struct Data {
    a: usize,
    mutex: RawOsMutex,
    b: usize,


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