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A fun display of fireworks in the terminal

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1.0.1 Aug 27, 2020

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Fireworks is a simple firework simulation written for the terminal.

Watch a demo here or download the binary here if you want to jump right in!

You can also do a: cargo install fireworks if you do rust development.

Note: We only support Linux and macOS.


It's really quite simple, just run:


and you're done :)

The fireworks are generated in a deterministic way (despite an element of randomness), so if you have a favorite firework pattern, you can run with a specific seed like so:

$ fireworks --seed 8675309


Interested in contributing to the fireworks demo? We're always happy to take contributions! We require tests for all new features and fixes. All code must also be formatted by rustfmt and the strictest clippy lints.


The development of this was blogged here if you want to know how it was made or want to make some fireworks of your own :)


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