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app findcar

An extensible CLI tool that filters, sorts, and aggregates search results from car websites. Because of course you want to search for cars from the command line.

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A cli that lets you search, sort, aggregate and filter results from multiple car search engines. Because of course you want to search for cars from the command line.


Text-based rendering

text-based rendering

JSON-based rendering

json-based rendering


Usage: findcar [OPTIONS]

      --make <MAKE>
          Optional, make of the car to search for
      --model <MODEL>
          Optional, model of the car to search for
      --min-year <MIN_YEAR>
          Optional, minimum year of registration
      --max-year <MAX_YEAR>
          Optional, maximum year of registration
      --min-kms <MIN_KMS>
          Optional, minimum kms
      --max-kms <MAX_KMS>
          Optional, maximum kms
      --min-price <MIN_PRICE>
          Optional, minimum price
      --max-price <MAX_PRICE>
          Optional, maximum price
      --sort-by <SORT_BY>
          Optional, value to sort by. Options are: price, year, mileage
      --sort-order <SORT_ORDER>
          Optional, sort order. Options are ASC, DESC. 
          If not specified, but a sort-by value *is*, then ASC will be used by default
      --limit <LIMIT>
          Optional, maximum number of results to return
      --emitter <EMITTER>
          Optional, emitter for the results. Options are: csv, json, text. Default is text
      --search-engine <SEARCH_ENGINE>
          Optional, search engine to use. Options are donedeal_ie, carzone_ie. 
          Default is to use all available engines. 
          Example: ./findcar [other opts] --search-engine carzone_ie --search-engine donedeal_ie
  -h, --help
          Print help information
  -V, --version
          Print version information


The goal of findcar is to be easily extensible with further car search engines. Every search engine is expected to implement the Searcher trait, after which it can be plugged into the main engine as one of the searchers.


This project comes with two searchers:


Any contributions are very much welcome. Please feel free to suggest/implement new search engines or new functionaliy and I would be very happy to review and discuss!


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