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Find typos in your project

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find-typos is a tool that uses the power of the Rust programming language to quickly identify typos and spelling errors in projects. With its lightning-fast search algorithms and plain-English language support, it is a great option for both web developers and non-programmers looking for a tool to help find any typos in their project.


To install find-typos just run:

$ npm i -g find-typos

It will now be available on your computer through the command:

$ find-typos

How to use it

To use find-typos you just need to navigate to your project's folder and run:

$ cd path/to/my/project
$ find-typos

By default, it will run a check on all files on the current folder, but you can pass an argument if you want to run checks on a specific folder.

$ find-typos docs


By default, find-typos will print the list of typos found on a file called typos.report.txt at the root of the current folder.

You can change this by adding a second argument:

$ find-typos docs typos.md

Searching for typos on websites

You can also search for typos on websites by simply passing a url as the first parameter:

$ find-typos https://nullstack.app/how-to-customize-webpack


  • Support to npx
  • Scraping function to check commonly used terms on project
  • More languages to check

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