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Firendship is Magic Document, converts Markdown into FIMFiction BBCode

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Friendship is Magic Document

Converts Markdown into FIMFiction BBCode.


Here are examples for how to use the FimDoc executable, and the FimDoc parser library.

Command line use:

Run with an input and an output file:

fimdoc input.md output.txt

Run with stdin and an output file:

md | fimdoc output.txt

Run with an input file and stdout:

fimdoc input.md | bbcode

Run with stdin and stdout:

md | fimdoc | bbcode

Command line options:

FimDoc has the following command line options, only one of which can be provided at a time.

-w | --warn  (default) >> Warns the user in yellow on unsupported markdown syntax.
-f | --fail >> Errors in red before terminating on unsupported markdown syntax.
-q | --quiet >> Ignores and skips over unsupported markdown syntax.

Here are some examples of their use:

fimdoc -q input.md output.txt
md | fimdoc --fail output.txt

Library use:

Run the parse function with the markdown string and WarningType enum.

let md = "# Hello World!".to_string();
let warn = WarningType::Quiet;
let bbcode = parse(md, &warn);

Would produce:

Hello World!


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