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Convert between different forms of fighting game notation

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0.1.0 Feb 1, 2023

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FGC Notation Translator

An application to represent & translate between different fighting game move notations, namely numpad notation & abbreviated notation



fgnc abbreviate <THING>

to convert <THING> to abbreviated notation, and

fgnc numpad <THING>

to convert <THING> to numpad notation, where <THING> is a list of strings making up a sequence of moves


A crate/binary to convert between forms of fighting game notation, currently numpad & abbreviated notation, using the corresponding modules.

The modules provide types for full moves & their components which have [From] impls for their counterparts in the other module.


# use fg_notation::{abbreviated, numpad, CreationError};

let numpad_move = numpad::Move::new("236H")?;
let abbreviated_move = abbreviated::Move::new("qcf H")?;

assert_eq!(numpad::Move::from(abbreviated_move.clone()), numpad_move);
assert_eq!(abbreviated::Move::from(numpad_move), abbreviated_move);

# Result::<(), CreationError>::Ok(())


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