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A lightweight text editor built in Rust.

Based on Philipp Flenker's Rust text editor tutorial.


  • vim-like navigation controls
  • Syntax highlighting for Rust, Java, and Python (with more languages coming soon)
  • Incremental forward and backward search
  • Search-and-delete / search-and-replace
  • Auto-indentation
  • Built-in calculator for math expressions


API documentation is located here.

For reference on controls and usage, see docs/usage.md.

If you're interested in contributing, check out CONTRIBUTING.md.


Using cargo

The simplest way to install ferro is to run cargo install ferro on your machine. You can then run ferro [file] to start editing!

From source

The following instructions assume that you've already installed Rust.

git clone https://github.com/alexxyu/ferro
cd ferro
cargo build --release

This will generate the binary for ferro in the target/release directory.


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