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Yet another (x)fetch tool, written in rust with cross-platform in mind

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Yet another (x)fetch tool, written in rust with cross-platform in mind.

Note on cross-platform

This program was written specifically with cross-platform libraries, so in theory, this should compile and run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. However, this program so far has only been tested on Linux, and a lot of functionality will be missing on other OSes.

Any feature requests, bug reports, or pull requests regarding this are very welcome!


With cargo

feofetch can be installed with cargo.

cargo install feofetch

Build from source

If you want the latest build, you can build directly from source. This requires rust to be installed on your system.

git clone https:#github.com/ProspectPyxis/feofetch.git
# Or download the source code zip file directly and extract

cd feofetch/
cargo install --path .


Just run feofetch in the terminal:


The program also supports various command line flags.

Usage: feofetch [OPTIONS]

  -c, --config-path <CONFIG_PATH>      Override default config location with the specified path
  -x, --x-offset <X_OFFSET>            Set x-offset to this number, overriding config
  -y, --y-offset <Y_OFFSET>            Set y-offset to this number, overriding config
  -p, --padding-lines <PADDING_LINES>  Set padding lines to this number, overriding config
  -h, --help                           Print help information
  -V, --version                        Print version information


For how to configure this program, see CONFIGURATION.md.


Any pull requests, issues, or feature requests are welcome!


This project is licensed under either of Apache License, Version 2.0 or MIT License, at your option.


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