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A rust library for parsing and handling FEN and algebraic chess notations

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Fenex Chess Library

Fenex is a Rust library for handling chess game logic. It provides support for parsing Forsyth-Edwards Notation (FEN) strings, handling chess moves in algebraic notation, and more.


Coordinates And Notations

Both Coordinates and Notations are 1-indexed.

Coordinates Struct

The Coordinates module provides the Coordinates struct for representing a position on the chess board.

  • Constructor: Coordinates { x: i8, y: i8 }

    • Creates a new Coordinates struct with given x and y values.
  • From Notation: Coordinates::from_notation(notation: Notation) -> Result<Coordinates, &'static str>

    • Converts a Notation struct into a Coordinates struct.
  • To Notation: Coordinates::to_notation(&self) -> Result<Notation, &'static str>

    • Converts the Coordinates struct into a Notation struct.

Notation Struct

The Notation module provides the Notation struct for representing a chess move in algebraic notation.

  • Constructor: Notation::new(file: char, rank: char) -> Option<Notation>

    • Creates a new Notation struct with given file and rank values.
  • From Coordinates: Notation::from_coordinates(coordinates: Coordinates) -> Result<Notation, &'static str>

    • Converts a Coordinates struct into a Notation struct.
  • To Coordinates: Notation::to_coordinates(&self) -> Result<Coordinates, &'static str>

    • Converts the Notation struct into a Coordinates struct.

Boards And Movements

Board Struct

The Board module provides the Board struct for handling chess boards in both 1D and 2D representations.

  • Constructor: Board::new_one_dimensional() -> Board and Board::new_two_dimensional() -> Board

    • Creates a new 1D or 2D board with all squares empty.
  • Starting Position: Board::new_one_dimensional_starting_position() -> Board and Board::new_two_dimensional_starting_position() -> Board

    • Creates a new 1D or 2D board with pieces in the starting position.
  • Set Piece: Board::set_piece(&mut self, coordinates: Coordinates, piece: ChessPieceEnum)

    • Sets a piece at the given coordinates.
  • Get Piece: Board::get_piece(&self, coordinates: Coordinates) -> Option<&ChessPieceEnum>

    • Gets the piece at the given coordinates.
  • Generate Moves: Board::generate_moves(&self, color: Color) -> Vec<Move>

    • Generates all valid moves for the pieces of the given color on the board.

Move Struct

The Move struct represents a move in a chess game. It contains the type of the piece being moved and the start and end coordinates of the move.

  • Constructor: Move::new(from: Coordinates, to: Coordinates, piece_type: PieceType) -> Move
    • Creates a new Move with the given start and end coordinates, and the type of the piece being moved.

How To Install

Just run the cargo add fenexin your project directory.

Or add fenex = "0.1.3" in your Cargo.toml, Under dependencies.


    fn notation_and_coordinates() {
        // Creates a Notation from chars. ('file' 'rank').
        let notation: Notation = Notation::new('e', '4').unwrap();

        // Creates Coordinates from an i8. (x, y).
        let coordinates: Coordinates = Coordinates::new(5, 4);

        // Creates a Notation from string. ("e4").
        let notation_from_string: Notation = Notation::from_string("e4").unwrap();

        // Creates Coordinates from a string of 2 i8 separated by a comma.
        // ("4.3").
        let coordinate_from_string: Coordinates = Coordinates::from_string("5,4").unwrap();
    fn boards_and_moves() {
        // Creates a 2D board, With starting pieces.
        let mut two_dimensional_board = Board::new_two_dimensional_starting_position();

        // Creates a 1D board, With starting pieces.
        let mut one_dimensional_board = Board::new_one_dimensional_starting_position();

        // Creates Coordinates from a string of 2 i8 separated by a comma.
        let from = Coordinates::from_notation_string("e2").unwrap();

        // Creates Coordinates from a string of 2 i8 separated by a comma.
        let to = Coordinates::from_notation_string("e4").unwrap();

        // Moves a piece from one coordinate to another.
        one_dimensional_board.move_piece_with_coordinates(from, to);

        // Generates all possible movements for White.
        let movement = one_dimensional_board.generate_moves(Color::White);

        let move = Move



Contributions to Fenex are welcome! Please ensure your code is formatted with cargo fmt before creating a pull request.

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