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Feedly updates notifier sitting in your status bar

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.1 Oct 22, 2016
0.1.0 Oct 21, 2016

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Feedly notifier

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Small tray icon which will indicate when you've got some update in your feedly account. Refreshes once in a 10 minutes and has 3 different colors for different unread articles:

Color Unread count
Green 0
Yellow < 50
Red > 50

When you hover your mouse pointer over the icon then it'll display a tool-tip with exact number of unread articles in your categories.


Currently compiles only on nightly Rust compiler version.

cargo install feedly-notifier


You can either run it in foreground with feedly-notifier or background with feedly-notifier &. To exit just press your right mouse button on the icon and click exit button. Make sure you've got FEEDLY_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable set, you can obtain required token by following these instructions


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