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Another Factorio Mod Downloader?

Yeah, I've had tons of trouble getting other downloaders to work. I'm not sure why, and it was more fun to write my own than debug someone else's.

Note, that this program is intended for Headless Servers. I don't know how it will work for a regular client.


## from crates.io
$ cargo install facmod-rs

## from Github
$ cargo install --git https://github.com/ngraham20/facmod-rs

## manually from source
$ cargo install --path <path_to_repo>

Config YAML

Instead of specifying each parameter manually as a command argument, you may instead use a config file (yaml), as shown below. Any command arguments specified along side -c <CONFIG> will override those specified in the config file. This allows the config file to be used as defaults, while still retaining the ability to make manual changes.

username: "default"
api_token: "default"
mod_dir: "/opt/factorio/server/mods/"
- first_mod
- second_mod


This is your Factorio username.


You can find your token at https://factorio.com/profile. Just click reveal to see it. While this is safer to use than a password, it's still sensitive information, so make sure to lock down user privilages to the config file so this isn't leaked.


This is the path to the mods directory. Using the absolute path is best, but relative paths do work.


This should be using the url version of the mod name. For example, if downloading https://mods.factorio.com/mod/space-exploration, then the name would be space-exploration.


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