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A simple QUIC-based protocol using quinn. Written for BonsaiDb.

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Fabruic is a wrapper around quinn that provides a simplified interface for reliable payload delivery.

This project is written to support Khonsu Labs projects, primarily BonsaiDb.

While this library is open-source, the primary reason for publishing on crates.io is to support releasing BonsaiDb. If you're considering using this for your own project, please recognize that this project is offered as-is and if there are features you are wishing to have that we do not need in one of our projects, we may not add them. Before submitting a PR, please submit your ideas as an issue first to ensure it aligns with our vision, otherwise the PR may not be accepted.

Open-source Licenses

This project, like all projects from Khonsu Labs, are open-source. This repository is available under the MIT License or the Apache License 2.0.


TODO Security-sensitive settings are hidden behind these traits. Be careful!


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