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eye provides high-level abstractions for camera hardware interaction in Rust. It leverages the other parts of the eye stack such as eye-hal to provide a cross-plattform abstraction layer.

Where eye-hal facilitates a rather low level abstraction, eye is designed to expand on that and leverage modern programming patterns such as async code. The main goal of this crate is to provide an easy to use, high-level API.

Other features of the high-level eye crate include transparent frame format conversion and more.


Eye is a cross platform camera capture and control library.

This crate provides a high-level API on top of the low-level parts like eye-hal.

Additional documentation can currently also be found in the README.md file which is most easily viewed on github.

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The device abstraction provided in this crate builds on top of a PlatformDevice acquired through the Context struct of the eye-hal subcrate. It performs transparent frame format conversion (e.g. JPEG -> RGB decoding) by leveraging the colorconvert module.


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