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Extended Finite State Machine with internal event queue and entry/exit transitions

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Extended Finite State Machine in Rust

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Library to support programming of Extended Finite State Machines (FSM) in Rust. The machine is not necessarily built for fastest zero-copy speed but greatest flexibility and maintanability. Non zero-copy design has been chosen since after event processing it stores state and passes control back out which would make management of lifetimes very onerous on the user otherwise.

FSMs are from long engineering experience the cleanest way to implement asynchronous protocols between components.


  • internal event queue allows a machine to post events against itself on transition completion
  • supports optional transition per state entry/exit
  • events can carry dynamic arguments accessible when transition is executed
  • machine generates its own .dot graphs easily converted into .pdf or .svg supporting colored edges and summarizing edges for same start and end state transitions
  • slog debugging support
  • machine's extended state can be examined when not processing events
  • machine transitions can be traversed read-only
  • flyweight pattern to run many instances of same FSM with different extended state


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