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This project is no longer under active development. Your best bet might be https://medium.com/@jondot/shipping-rust-binaries-with-goreleaser-d5aa42a46be0. Please let us know if you find a better solution and we'll update that section.


What is it?

This will use goreleaser to deploy your Rust binaries to Github/Artifactory/Dockerhub. It's still experimental and will only work once/if Rust support gets added to goreleaser.


cargo install cargo-deliver

To upgrade:

cargo install --force cargo-deliver

Or clone and build with $ cargo build --release then place in your $PATH.


  1. Add a .goreleaser.yml to your project. Here is an example:
- target:
  - x86_64-apple-darwin
  binary: cargo-deliver

# Archive customization
  format: tar.gz
    amd64: 64-bit
    darwin: macOS
    linux: Linux

This will build your Rust application as a static binary for macOS and as a tar.gz archive.
For all possible options, see the goreleaser docs.

You can get a list of all possible targets with

rustc --print target-list
  1. Tag your current commit, e.g.
git tag -a "v0.1.0"
  1. If you want to deploy to Github, you need to export a GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable, which should contain a GitHub token with the repo scope selected. It will be used to deploy releases to your GitHub repository. Create a token here.

  2. Run the following command

cargo deliver

Similar tools

  • cargo-docker - A cargo subcommand to build Rust code inside a Docker and get the result back.
  • cargo-hublish - A cargo subcommand for publishing Rust projects to Github (not supporting different build targets).