Cargo Features

eva-common has no features set by default.

eva-common = { version = "0.3.43", features = ["nostd", "acl", "events", "services", "actions", "registry", "logger", "extended-value", "time", "db", "openssl-vendored", "bus-rpc", "serde-keyvalue", "workers", "dataconv", "full", "cache", "payload", "logic", "common-payloads", "hyper-tools", "skip_self_test_serde", "openssl-no-fips", "openssl3", "console-logger", "libloading", "true"] }
acl full? = submap

access control lists

Affects eva-common::acl

events full? = parking_lot

common events

Affects eva-common::events

services full? = bus-rpc, nix, openssl, registry, tokio

service structures and tools

Affects eva-common::services

actions full? = uuid

action structures and tools

Affects eva-common::actions

registry full? services? = busrt, payload

Affects eva-common::registry

logger full? = async-channel, busrt, lazy_static, once_cell, parking_lot, payload, tokio, uuid

Affects eva-common::logger, eva-common::events

extended-value full? = async-recursion, bmart, serde_yaml, tokio
time full? = chrono, dateparser, nix

timestamp helpers

Affects eva-common::time

db full? = once_cell, sqlx, yedb

db bindings

Affects eva-common::db


Enables vendored of openssl

Affects services::enable_fips

bus-rpc full? services? = busrt, payload

bus/rt bindings

serde-keyvalue full? = nom, num-traits, remain, thiserror

Affects eva-common::serde_keyvalue

workers full? = bmart, lazy_static, tokio

misc workers

Affects eva-common::workers

dataconv full? = hex, regex, uuid

data conversion bindings

full = acl, actions, axum, bus-rpc, cache, chrono, common-payloads, console-logger, dataconv, db, events, extended-value, hyper-tools, logger, logic, payload, registry, serde-keyvalue, services, time, workers
cache full? = payload, sqlx, tokio

Affects eva-common::cache

payload bus-rpc? cache? full? logger? registry? = rmp-serde

Affects eva-common::payload

logic full?

Affects eva-common::logic

common-payloads full? = rand, uuid

Affects eva-common::common_payloads, eva-common::events

hyper-tools full? = hyper, hyper-static

Affects services::enable_fips

openssl3 = once_cell
console-logger full? = env_logger, once_cell

Affects eva-common::console_logger

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

libloading implicit feature

Enables libloading ^0.7.0

lazy_static logger? workers?
busrt bus-rpc? logger? registry?
nix services? time?

Enables nix ^0.25.0

rmp-serde payload?
uuid actions? common-payloads? dataconv? logger?
bmart extended-value? workers?
tokio cache? extended-value? logger? services? workers?
async-recursion extended-value?
async-channel logger?

Enables async-channel ^1.7.1

hex dataconv?
regex dataconv?
yedb db?
sqlx cache? db?

Enables sqlx ^0.6

hyper hyper-tools?

Enables hyper ^0.14.18

Affects eva-common::hyper_tools

serde_yaml extended-value?

Enables serde_yaml ^0.8.26

rand common-payloads?
hyper-static hyper-tools?

Enables hyper-static ^0.1.5

submap acl?
once_cell console-logger? db? logger? openssl3?
dateparser time?

Enables dateparser ^0.1.7

openssl openssl-vendored? services?
axum full?

Enables axum ^0.6.12

true implicit feature

Enables true



parking_lot events? logger?
nom serde-keyvalue?
num-traits serde-keyvalue?
thiserror serde-keyvalue?
remain serde-keyvalue?
chrono full? time?
env_logger console-logger?