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A magical little tool that takes care of your environment settings

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...sets environment variables when you enter a directory that matches a regular expression.


At work, I have to set some environment variables every time I'm working on certain projects.
For example, these can be Google Cloud settings, the Consul host or Docker configs.

It's tedious to do that myself every time.

direnv automatically loads .env files, but I don't want to clutter my system
with .env files. Also I need the same environment variables in a few unrelated
projects and I don't want to keep the .env files in sync.

Thus, the idea for envy was born.

It uses a config file that defines what environment variables to set for each folder. The first regular expression that matches a path wins.

Run envy edit to open the config file. (On macOS, this file is located at /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Envy/Config.toml.)

pattern = ".*project1.*"
env = [

pattern = ".*project2.*"
env = [


cargo install envy-cli

Add the following line at the end of the ~/.zshrc file:

eval "$(envy hook zsh)"

Once you open a new shell, envy will start matching directories and set the specified environment variables from the config file.


  • Only supports zsh for now.
  • Only tested on macOS. Should also work on Linux and Windows, though.
  • Does not unset variables when you leave a directory.
  • Developing this for myself. Thus, this project won't be worked on very actively.


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